Your Company's Largest Hidden Barrier to Performance

Productivity lost on the job due to health-related symptoms costs companies and the economy significantly more than all absenteeism and healthcare costs combined.

  • The majority of employees - at all levels - arrive at work each day experiencing symptoms - mental or physical - that impair their energy and mental acuity and cost companies hidden millions
  • The greater the intellectual, strategic and judgment components of a role, the more difficult it is to measure lost productivity and impaired quality and the greater their impact.

The solution lies in being proactive and intervening before the costs become prohibitive, not in withdrawing to cut the visible costs while those invisible costs of presenteeism ratchet up and out of control.

  • At a time of rapidly increasing costs, especially for medications, many companies are reducing their commitments to employee health.
  • Employee health initiatives should not be viewed 'benefits' or 'perqs', but rather as investments in human capital to produce positive returns.